You'll have awesome written material AND expert support from myself, Dr. Krista, to guide you through the 4 Phases of The EASY Way Foundations Program over the first 3 fantastic months. Through my private App, Practice Better, you'll receive beautiful, instructional, simple written documents, infographics and recipes, sent to you over the first five weeks, so you aren't overwhelmed by "all the things" all at once. You'll have access to all historic posts and video support in the private Facebook community, along with daily inspiration, motivation & teachings, regular live calls, and priceless support from myself and your fellow peers who will be in all parts of this journey alongside you! The first 3 months are geared to help you develop stronger, healthier, foundational lifestyle habits and relationships with food and yourself so you can start living the life you've always wanted to! After that, the rest of the year is truly mastering this process as it applies to your YOUnique body's needs! I KNOW that's the kind of elevated life you're looking for! Together on this beautiful journey is your winning ticket. This Program is BIG STUFF! Stuff dreams are truly made of, my friend! Check out the details below.



Two days for your Goodbye to Inflammatory Foods Party!! I need you to RECALL how uncomfortable eating too much of the foods that aren't generally healthy for you can feel! Purposeful, intense eating for 2 days will remind the body there is an abundance of food so it doesn't go into storage mode & that abundance will cause some appropriate physiological stress to jumpstart the necessary metabolic shift towards making the resetting of your metabolism to where it normally would live very EASY. If you already eat gluten free and unprocessed foods, you don't need to eat poorly to do this Phase. You simply eat much more of the foods you already enjoy and feel good eating. I will guide you through this 2 day process. Know that without this critical Phase, weight loss and shifting your metabolism will be slower. If you've been struggling with stubborn weight and/or other significant, inflammatory, uncomfortable symptoms, your metabolism requires a wake up call to jump start it. Insulin resistance needs adjusting, your body's relationship to fat needs adjusting, and more... This loading is the first part of that process! Once completed, your body will be grateful for the rest that Day 1 of the Reset Phase gives you, I promise, and then let the weight and inflammation management, mindset shifts and much much more commence with gusto!


Over 4-8 weeks, you'll be reprograming the body’s physiology and outdated eating and lifestyle habits. Time for some adulting with expert Coaching and peer support in the private Facebook community to change those habits and keep you on right on track. If you are lean already, 4 weeks can reset your body quickly and help reduce some weight and a lot of inflammation. If you have 20 or more pounds to lose, consider 6-8 weeks to lose 25-35 pounds! This specific, structured elimination Phase requires strict gluten/grain, dairy, egg, nuts & seeds removal during this time, creating two meals a day from a long list of appropriate veggies, animal protein & fruits, adapting to an Intermittent Fasting state, and keeping exercise to gentle activities only. I promise it truly is EASY once you've been shown the way!! The natural structure of this Phase makes it so simple to do. Eating this way allows your body to reduce inflammation very quickly, have a rest from inflammatory foods, begin resetting your metabolism, and start healing without much resistance. Weight loss and stabilization happens quickly & healthfully over these 4-8 weeks as the metabolism resets itself. Its relationship to sugar and fat drastically shift. It is by far the most illuminating Phase. Mindset shifts can abound that will influence your whole life, including, but not limited to, your relationship with food. What you'll learn in the Reset Phase will last you a lifetime if you fully embrace the opportunity! This Phase can be repeated as needed & I will guide you on how to do that healthfully throughout the rest of the year if you'd like to remain a monthly Member after the initial 3 months. We can explore the various seasons life throws at you so you succeed longterm.


You cannot healthfully stay in the Reset Phase forever. It is essential that you ease into an eating style that is easily sustainable, has a lot of food variety, as tolerated by your YOUnique body, and that can help you maintain the weight you shed and health gains you've created so easily in the Reset Phase. To do this, you must take 1-2 weeks to gradually reintroduce healthy fats and a handful of the more nutritious foods you hadn't been eating during the Reset Phase, one at a time, so you learn for sure what causes you discomfort and what is well tolerated by your body. This is Personalized Nutrition at its easiest! We are not all the same, so our diets must reflect this. Figuring all of this out on your own is incredibly challenging. I do my best to make it EASY for you with guidance during this Reintroduction Phase so you maintain all the wins from the Reset Phase. This sets the stage for the final Renew Phase.


Over ~2 weeks, you'll continue developing a sense for what foods can be tolerated by your YOUnique body, but refine it so you know what it feels great eating daily vs weekly vs occasionally vs never. This time of learning will serve you long term, making knowing how to eat for your YOUnique body's needs EASY as you navigate life's ups and downs and crazy zigzagging lines! Focus will be on maintenance of the weight and reset metabolism you’ve mastered during the Reset Phase, keeping inflammation managed, refining new healthier habits you're in process of developing, and ensuring oral tolerance to more variety of foods (except gluten & possibly dairy, depending on your sensitivities). Intermittent fasting continues because it's super effective, but there can be some wiggle room to shake that downsized new booty and healthier bod of yours! And happily, weight loss, stabilization and healing tend to continue, albeit a little more slowly, during this Phase. Exercise becomes a bigger focus now in Phases 3 & 4 which furthers the health benefits to you. You must stay in these last two Phases a minimum of 4 weeks before considering another round of the Recall and Reset Phases for continued quicker weight loss and body recovery. However, the Renew Phase is truly where you'll live most of the time to maintain all your fantastic wins from the Program! Learning to live this way longterm is part of the benefit of staying in the community for longer than the initial 3 months. With practice and guidance, you become a MASTER!


Some Program Members want that extra medical 1:1 support from me as they better navigate their health trials during the Program. For many who enter the program with complex medical diagnoses, such as autoimmune conditions, diabetes, and more, adjusting the program may be very beneficial for longterm success. Therefore, to ensure your highest good, it is now an option for interested Members to schedule 1:1 Coaching calls with me, Dr. Krista, as needed, at a pro-rated lesser fee only available for Members. This means they enter more of a temporary doctor-patient relationship rather than solely a coach-member relationship, which requires a new consent form. These personalized calls can help you reach your goals more quickly and definitely more safely. Book appointments by contacting our awesome administrator through the link below.

WHY A 3 Month Membership?

It has been shown that you're 600x more likely to reach your goals in a group than on your own! WOW! Memberships work better than DIY'ing weight management or even getting 1:1 care. After graduation from the first 3 month round of the Program, you fortunately have the opportunity to continue receiving expert guidance from me, Dr. Krista, and your peers inside the awesome private Facebook community if you'd like to continue in monthly membership. The group is called The EASY YOUniversity. It is dedicated to the educational empowerment of women for healthy living. This continued guidance and support through the various seasons of your life (real Earth seasons, plus holidays, surgery prep, vacations, unexpected events, etc) will provide you with ongoing access to inspiring information and success stories, learning opportunities about mindset, physiology, and anything else I will dream up for you over time! "If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together!" Are you READY to continue living The EASY Way? I've got you with this awesome program, The EASY Way Foundations!