At 62 years old I have tried all the fad diets & gimmicks - none of which worked nor were they sustainable. My weight had continued to be problematic until I found Dr. Krista’s program The EASY Way Foundations. The support from this group of like-minded Members and the educational value have been priceless. Not only have I continued to lose weight at a steady, yet safe rate but I have seen a constant improvement in my gut health and reduced inflammation throughout my body, including my joints. Gone are the days of pitting edema in my legs and swollen ankles! I am excited for the next chapter and know that I will be working this Program for months to come. I thank you Dr. Krista for providing the tools and support in this private, intimate group of awesome people. You challenged us so that we could look deep within ourselves and embrace a complete lifestyle change.

~ Karen N.

The Easy Way Foundations is the best Program I have ever tried. I have tried so many elimination diets and eating strict AIP and there was always something missing. This Program really is the easiest to follow. I spent so much time trying to replace the things I was missing and not paying attention to my relationship with food. The group atmosphere is fantastic because everyone is in the same boat. Its a support group to cheer each other in, lean on when we are frustrated, help navigate new recipes and learn from each other! So many people have asked questions that I hadn't thought of and I have actually benefited from the answer! I know I need to spend money for the support I need that I can't get just from my family Doctor.  He is amazing but limited. I live on a very restricted budget and can't afford the 1:1 time with a Functional medicine doctor. This is a program I CAN afford and I am still having success with it and will continue to learn. Its that easy!

Dr. Krista put a ton of information in easy to understand pieces. I've lost more weight and improved my overall health than with any other Program. This is a lifestyle with incredible support!!

~ Jody B.

I am my OWN Passion Project!

When I decided to join The Easy Way Foundations Program,  I was at my heaviest weight I had been since I was pregnant with my daughter... 20 years ago!  I was exhausted all the time and had grown accustomed to having stomach aches, feeling bloated all the time, and having headaches more often than not.  Did I want to blame my age or perimenopause?  Heck yes! I had almost come to the conclusion that this was just part of getting older and there was really no hope in losing the extra weight I had put on over the years.  

I happened to be at an Acupuncture appointment in June '22 and Dr. Krista mentioned that she was going to start a Program that would focus on nutrition and weight loss. I decided to join and I am so grateful that I did! Over the summer, I have come to learn a lot about myself and what works for my body in this stage of my life. I have embraced what needs to change in order for me to live my best life moving forward. What has been offered for this amazing group of people, including myself, is so much more than what we typically would consider in a so-called diet program. Instead, we are exploring all aspects of our wellbeing.  There are opportunities to interact and learn alongside like-minded people which I have found to be a brilliant way to encourage one another while committing to our own personal wellness goals.      

This summer I have lost 18 lbs.  But even better than this is how amazing I feel each day! I am truly grateful to Dr. Krista for what I would consider the best summer I have experienced in years! Words cannot express how truly impactful this journey, so far, has been for me.

I can honestly say, this Program is life changing!

~ Shannon C.

I am very grateful to have been a part of this wellness group. I have learned so much during my time so far. I started with 100+ lbs to lose and am on my way to achieving that goal! My journey is not complete but I have the tools and resources to keep going. In only 7 weeks I have removed 21 lbs of unhealthiness and am feeling so much better than my start day. I have more energy and notice the little things that feel really big to me, like getting down on the floor to play with my granddaughter and not struggling to get up again like I used to. Learning to realize food is fuel for the body so that we can enjoy so many other aspects of living has been tremendous for me. Growing up in a household and continuing that ritual of "when visitors come, we eat" was a lesson in itself to overcome. Dr. Krista has been so great with interaction, reaching out to ensure we are doing well, and she always give such great advice. Dr. Krista has helped me through some hip and arthritis pain as well as what would help me with my symptoms of hypothyroidism / Hashimoto's. If you want to get healthy and live a better you, do this for yourself!! You are worth it and Dr. K will remind you so! Happy to continue my journey of health and a much happier me.

As Nike says, "Just do it!"

~ Julie S.

I am excited to share my wonderful success using this Program! Not only am I releasing stubborn weight, but I have been challenged to dig deep into root issues that have blocked me from placing myself as a priority or seeing food as fuel and energy instead of as a way to handle complex emotional issues, like grief and trauma. The Facebook private group offers support and encouragement to help you not give up; to help you keep moving forward. The Coaching is excellent!

~ Patricia T.

After learning I needed to go gluten and dairy free for autoimmune reasons , I joined this group Program for support and to help me learn the foundations needed for a necessary lifestyle change.  Did I lose weight? Yes! But most importantly for me, very quickly I went from daily joint pain to almost no joint pain, and my abdominal flare ups are now so much rarer. Prior, I struggled to do small household chores or do the 7 minute walk to my son’s school without being in pain. I went from sleeping 12 hours a day, chugging caffeine and popping Ibuprofen simply to survive, to now being wide awake after 8 hours of sleep, only 1 cup of coffee and rarely taking any pain meds. It feels good to feel like myself again and I’m excited to do more with my children now.  It doesn't always feel easy to make a lifestyle change, but doing the work along with others makes it more doable.

~ Beverly C.