I KNOW that it takes a whopping amount of courage to be brave enough to keep trying to get healthy!

When you join us, you get an opportunity to choose EASE with your relationship to food, your environment, and to yourself instead of yoyo dieting and struggling to regain health that feels like climbing Mount Everest, alone!

Realize you can EASILY lose and stabilize your weight & regain health without exercising yourself to death!

Understand that counting calories is old school and something you'll never have to do again!

Know that overwhelming cravings and debilitating emotional eating can be a thing of the past!

Finally feel so amazing & confident in your own skin that you want to show yourself off to the world!!!!

Join us for an adventure into yourself, learning how to eat for fuel and performance and align with your environment in a way that finally SERVES you, letting you manifest the life of your dreams!

It IS possible!

So many of us are doing it, right now!

Join us!


This Program can benefit a wide range of people. However, if you have any of the following health conditions or practices, please do not participate in this Program: pregnant, breastfeeding, active cancer patient, under the age of 18, history of cardiovascular events (heart attack, stroke, aneurysms, by-pass, stent surgery, pacemaker, or arrhythmias), active eating disorder, BMI under 18, vegetarians/vegans – animal protein is essential on this Program.

Ask for clarification before purchasing Program as there is no refund.

All The EASY Way Foundations PROGRAM information


3 months educational & supportive Membership

in private Facebook community

for the small investment of only

$697 CAD + GST


  • Access to Program's printable 40+ documents, graphics & recipes via the private App, Practice Better, that are delivered gradually throughout the first 5 weeks (so there's no overwhelm) - yours to download to keep forever!
  • Daily interaction in the awesome private Facebook community with Dr. Krista and other EASY Family Members for 3 months! You'll master the program with that kind of guidance, support & commitment! (You can remain in the group for a monthly fee later if desired.)
  • Journal option in the private App for logging food choices, measurements and more, as long as you're a Member.
  • 5% supplement discount in clinic and through my online dispensary, as long as you're a Member.
  • Opportunity to upgrade to 1:1 Coaching and basic functional medical care with Dr. Krista, as long as you're a Member at pro-rated fees as an extra perk!
  • Access to live Zoom calls regularly to teach you fundamentals to support your healing & for asking questions in real time.
  • Access to any discounts I can find for you on natural health care products Dr. Krista trusts.


The COST of a Group Coaching Program vs 1:1 Private Coaching for The EASY Way Foundations is not even comparable.

There is the financial investment difference, as seen below, which for some people is not an issue.

But the true COSTS of doing Private Coaching vs a Group Coaching for this Program are:

  • *missing out on the daily interaction between the Coach & group Members in the private Facebook community
  • *getting questions answered more readily in the community
  • *hearing answers to questions other Members ask that are unexpectedly relevant to your healing journey
  • *learning about interesting relevant health topics that can help you grow from Dr. Krista & other practitioners
  • *learning about new resources to help you thrive that you may not have heard about before
  • *and most of all, daily accountability in the community when tough moments arise

The Group Coaching and peer support can elevate you to a new level of experience that doing the Program privately cannot. There is a place for 1:1 Private Coaching - it's for tough health problems that require a higher level of attention and medical skill to navigate. Seeking expert personalized health care for those concerns is wise and can be requested from Dr. Krista whether or not you're a Member. However, Group Coaching is far superior to Private Coaching for applying the concepts of The EASY Way Foundations Program for resetting your metabolism and supporting a more rapid and long lasting, personalized healing process!

VALUE of 1:1 Private Coaching for minimum 3 months

$2500 - daily Coaching option in Facebook community with Dr. Krista

$900 - access to Dr. Krista for feedback for simple questions & education in live calls

$1200 - 40+ documents, graphics and videos for the Program on its own - there is so much there for you to get healthy with!

TOTAL = $ 4600 CAD + GST

VALUE of Group Coaching with Dr. Krista as a Coach for 3 months

Benefits of being educated & coached by a highly educated and seasoned Integrative & Functional medicine professional for 3 months!

Benefit of daily motivational & inspiring posts from Coach in private Facebook community

Benefit of feedback from Coach to your questions in the Facebook community

Benefit of Coaching videos for answering questions & teaching about topics relevant to health

Benefit of peer support helping you through struggles & celebrating your achievements

Access to 40+ documents for the Program

Access to historic posts & videos within the private Facebook community

Access to live Zoom interviews, Q&A's and educational content each month

TOTAL = only $697 CAD + GST

SAVINGS WITH GROUP COACHING = $4600 - $697 = $3903!!!!

Now do you see the IMMENSE VALUE of group coaching?

Group Coaching is clearly the ideal way for weight loss & health success

The EASY Way!